What Software made this

What software made this background image at this sites home page:

Flash CS3 or possibly Flex.


the background simply looks like a photograph to me. any decent camera and image software could have ‘created’ it

Fireworks, maybe?

[QUOTE=DanontheMoon;2348472]Fireworks, maybe?[/QUOTE]

I thought Fireworks was dropped when Macromedia merged with Adobe.

MS Paint, CLEARLY. Geez. You guys are amateurs. :expressionless:

whats so great about it?

Paint FTW! :sen:

Probably Photoshop with layer masks. :cool:

btw, that site is horrid.

Edit: Which is odd, because their work is good. :\

[ot][QUOTE=NeoDreamer;2348489]I thought Fireworks was dropped when Macromedia merged with Adobe.[/QUOTE]
No, but freehand is now part of Fireworks. Fireworks is the best software ever made theres little chance adobe would get rid of it (and the only adobe software I still use).[/ot]

[QUOTE=datoshway;2349375]the site has won 12 awards and was just voted best site for June on flash loaded showcase. Far from horrible. Check your self. The backround was made in photoshop and slightly spruced up with small layered increments of flash.[/QUOTE]

Do I sense authors trying to rescue the face of their site?

beep beep the failpolice beep beep :slight_smile:

I was just wondering if maybe more things could be going on in that site. I only had two epileptic seizures and I’m just not satisfied.

Lots of really bad 2advanced style ugly faux-tech stuff from a few years ago.



I like some of the other backgrounds when you click on ‘contacts’ and other places at the bottom on the navigation panel.

For my eyes everything is ssooo huge…menu, elements etc…

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[QUOTE=TheCanadian;2350784]I piss on nobody.[/QUOTE]

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