What the Hell is the Fill editor!

Okay, I’m prolly blind, but I’m following this tutorial, and this is what it said…(the bold is what I don’t understand)

Click the rectangle tool, make sure that there will be no outline on it by clicking in the Stroke color box and clicking the white box with a red line through it. Draw the rectangle so that it is taller than your text and about twice as wide. Then click the rectancle you just made and find the Fill panel. This is where you get to pick your colors and effects. For the example above, I did a linear gradient that went from grey to white to grey, making the white portion small compared to the rest of the gradient. **Then I used the fill editor tool to rotate the “glint” to the angle it’s at.**But that’s just the way that I did it. You have unlimited creative freedom here.

I can’t FIND the Fill Editor Tool that he’s REFERRING TO!!!

Can someone help! PLEASE!! :slight_smile:

In MX, it is under Window/Color Mixer

But I think in Flash 5 it is under Window/Panels/Fill or something like that.

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okay, I"m using Flash 5, and under the Windows>Panels>Fill

when that panel pops up, there are four tabs


Which one would I use to create that effect? The tutorial said to rotate the Glint, but when I use TRANSFORM to rotate it, it rotates the ENTIRE Fill, which causes it to go off my stage LOL

??? HELP!!!

Which tutorial?

Edit-I see you or someone else posted a pic from the tut from FlashKit, but it won’t load for me. Sorry :frowning:

Its the GLINT TEXT Tutorial from Flash kit. :frowning:

Its really annoying. I can’t go any further until I know how to roate the Gradient :frowning:

look to the left bottom of the tools pallette… there is a square button…

select the gradient, then click on the button with the gradient type icon on it…

if this doesn’t help I can put up an image…


Yeah I’m confused :frowning: I dunno where you’re referrnig to?? :*(

I got the rectangle fill done with the Gradient Fill. Just like in the picture.

BUt it says to use the GRADIENT FEEL EDITOR to ROTATE the fill??

Uggh. When I rotate anything, it rotates the ENTIRE rectangle . Not just the fill lines:

does this help? =)


Oh you’re a god!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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