What WinXP Theme is Kirupa using?

Well, I got a new computer over Christmas, and I’ve decided to skin it.

I really like the style that Kirupa has on his computer - you can see it clearly in the new Falling Snow animation here : http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx2004/snow.htm

Anybody knows what it is ?

thanks :thumb:

Looks simple but effective, depends which software kirupa uses to change the skin of windows though. :stunned:
It could be windowblinds or some of the other skin packages.
Its hard to tell which skin it is, shame! :frowning:

So kirupa…which skin were you using when posting that tutorial and which software are you using to skin your gui? :love:



That’s not a skin. It’s FMX '04.

*Originally posted by Sharif *
**That’s not a skin. It’s FMX '04. **

it’s a windowblinds theme. Look at the scroll bars.

Not necessarily a WindowsBlinds theme - it looks more like a theme using the built-in WinXP theming engine to me.

Still, it could be WindowBlinds theme. I’m sure Kirupa will notice this thread sooner or later anyway :wink:

It’s a WinXP style known as Olive Dynamine using their Blue Color scheme. I found the style on the forums at http://www.neowin.net I don’t know much about themes, so I am not sure if it is a windowsblinds one or not. I did not install the wb application though, so I would guess it isn’t :ub:

Thanks a lot kirupa :slight_smile: