What would you call this?

Okay, here’s the setup:

You have your menu.
And underneath your buttons you have an “arrow” which only points at one button at a time. When you roll over another button the arrow also moves to that button.

I know how to do it, I’m looking for a name for this.

What would you call this? :h:

I would call it a flash question…lol…Moved it to ActionScript

Really? Like I said, I’m not looking how to do it, but what to call it.

they would know what its called too

Oh okay thanks. :}

I call it a button follower thingy majig

Hmmm, not exactly the answer I was looking for. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone else?

Slider Menu?
That sound more serious

sliding indicator?

Thanks for the replies. I figured something with word ‘sliding’ in it should work.



w00t, Sliding Selection Indicator :wink: