Whatever happened to Raydred?

Remember him? Anyone know where he went? Anyone heard from Lobstars? I have to send him an e-mail to see how he is…I was just looking thru the board and I noticed that some of the old regulars are gone… :frowning:

I noticed that too! Maybe it was a Flash abduction. I will say, Jub… you’ve been scarce around here too… Hmm… conspiracy! Hmm… speaking of conspiracy, where is Phil Jayhan… hmmmm

yeah I have been MIA also, but with work and everything that went on this summer, I didn’ treally have much time. But since I am going back to school I will have more time to spend w/ my computer, and Flash, so hopefully I will get my A/S skills honed a little…

Yup, I’ve been noticing also… I really miss those guys, especially Lobstars whom I exchanged emails with for a while…


im so sorry guys! i havent logged on for a while, i took a few week hiatias (sp) in php. Love it! =) Learned php fairly well, and now im going to get back into checking on my regular flash peeps here =) Ive actually missed coming here! Anyway, forgive me, i am back, and im glad you still remembered me =) hehe

ANyway, i need to make some kick ass flash thing , so i can stay ahead of the game =)

its comming =) hehe BTW Ren, i made a sketch, and i needed an artisit opinion, (since i myself is kinda artistic) .
www.troxelfamily.net (its my family site). take a looksie if ya want, i drew the tree and walkway! =))

Thanks guys! =)

“Guess whos back, back again… Dred is back” =)

Hey Ray,
Good to hear from you again! Hope you are doing well. The artwork is really nice :slight_smile: I wish I could draw like that haha.

Kirupa :rambo:

Woohoo! It’s nice to see you back. And the sketch looks great. It has a nice nostalgic feel to it… very fitting for a family site. Keep up posted!

Thanks for the input. I actaully cant draw that well, everyonce in a while i can get something cool out. =)

Welcome home sir… hang your hat on the door and pull up a virtual stool (get your mind out of the colon.:slight_smile: )

I love the sketch… that’s very sweet.

Cool piccy. It kinda reminds me of Winie The Pooh. In a good way, I hasten to add. That style of artwork.

Argh, we’re back in that colon again…

yea i do suppose its very winnie-the-pooh-esk.

I was trying to draw a circle, and well, ya know, i drew that instead! Man cant believe i cant draw a circle =)

Man, that’s some circle.

Sort of like how I went shopping for food the other day and came back with a TV?

Do not ask how this happened.

That happens to me all the time! you know you’re reaching for the fruit, bananas, apples and then an RCA is just right there and hard to resist. =) hehe jk


It’s that kind of reply that really puts a dent in the board when you’re not around Raydred! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh no! we cant have dents in the board! =) hehehe