hey is ur avatar that guy on that show on tv…i think from radioactive or something?

No actually thats me =) lol

And no im not on tv… I want to be though…

lol =)

Thats all me , i made the avatar myself, and put a hawaian(sp) background to make it look cool =)

and yes, im a goofy person lol =)
And i Like it! =)

btw, Its awesome having a thread named after me sniffle i feel so loved. =) lol

thats YOU!! hahaha, j/k
you look like sum guy on tv!

hmm, I need to find this guy, maybe i can make it profitable and be his double lol =)

And yea, you may laugh but Whos laughing now! HA hA Hah… … Actually not me sniffle

lol, Joking =) I love my avatar =)

so much for anonymity or hiding… :evil:

yea really, if i was really scared about people knowing what i looked like etc, i wouldnt have my avatar, however Phil will give his name and address and wont show his face… hmmm… Coinidence? i think not… lol

raydred…judge dred…coincidence? i think not :x


ACutally The story behind my name was, i Saw Judge Dread the movie, and liked it (way back when) and my middle name is Ray, so i added Raydread, but i dropped the “a” and raydred looked better =) lol and your completly right, its not a coincidence =) hehe On great ive been found out lol

Lol Its not important to me, its called Sarcasm =)

And as for all your personal info on the internet,thats your descision, but i thought you were against Big Brother getting your personal info for whatever reason, at least you seem like a guy who was.

Like i was saying, i dont like Extremists, and you are an extremist =) and its awesome that i made you come back lol

someone is dedicated in trying to making their point., but has failed with me =)

Your absolutly right, calling you an extremist doesnt make me any better, and i dont want to be.

Howerver, i think a realist such as yourself would look at both sides of an issue unbiasly, in which case you havent. And if you have, something when ary.

I appologize for any name calling i had incurred.

But im gonna be me and sarcasm is part of that.

Hey this Thread is about me and only me!! ME ME ME! lol =)

WHO THE HELL ARE YOU! i cant remember who the character was or what show he was on and its driving me crazy! DAMMIT! :*(

hmm… maybe the Beverly Hills Ninja…? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just with no hair… :hat:

haha, but no. i bet it will come to me like when i’m in the middle of somethin important or dangerous like lifting weights then in my joy of remembering i will drop the weights on myself and die. what a way to go. its sad my eminent demise.

Always a risky thing to let the mind wander :slight_smile:

eilsoe, ur avatar looks like those worms from the Worms Armageddon game!! a little skinier but the resemblance is uncanny…now dont tell me thats you in real life :evil:

Actually it’s a profile of the highest ranking member of the most intelligent society currently evolving on my floor…

(I REALLY should clean my room…) :P:P:P

His name’s Paul =)

[SIZE=1]*Hi’ya Don![/SIZE]

but how can you tell its head from its ass? or tail or whatever worms have! where will you put the red thingy rambo wears!?

He made it himself! :slight_smile:

As I said, this is a profile of him :slight_smile:

“Mugshot” if you will :stuck_out_tongue: