Whats The Besy Flash Help Book?

Sorry was meant to say “BEST* flash help book” anywho’s…

i have taken one class on flash AS 2.0 at my school, but they didnt teach me much programming past calling a parent movie, or putting a stop(); lol. So I am trying to find a book that will teach me AS in a clear and easy to understand way. Im assuming some people out there have preferences as to which book is best. I also am not sure what the difference between AS 2.0/3.0/ flash 8/flash mx are, any help? Should i be learning 2.0 or 3.0 , is there a big difference, any help with these topics would BE WONDERFUL!!! thanks

Essential ActionScript helped me more after I already knew AS3 decently well. it’s easier (IMO) to learn by example and then finding the finer points form books such as Essential AS.

The as3 cookbook is OK - has some errors in it, but if you’ve programmed before, you might be able to figure them out.

I learned via Lynda.com - very worth the price!!

I guess I’m coming at this from a completely different angle from the guys who have professional programming backgrounds.

I started working with Flash about nine months ago, essentially as a hobby.

Before that I’d done a little programming in VisualBasic and C#, so I’d been introduced to some of the OOP basics, but knew total zilch about Flash. Seemed obvious that AS3 was the language to learn, as opposed to any earlier version of Flash.

Got started with some of the games in Gary Rosenzweig’s excellent book AS3.0 Game Programming University. I’ve also spent a lot of time with ActionScript3.0 Bible and Essential ActionScript, but even more time on websites and forums like this one.

For me, Essential ActionScript is an excellent book but it contains plenty that’s going to be difficult to digest first time through.

thanks for the help, as of now I have the lydia flash cs3 professional hands on training book, which is pretty straight forward, but a little dry. If i dont like this one, ill prob check out the essentials book. again thanks for the help

You may also wanna try Learning Actionscript 3. I picked it up because Lee Brimelow recommended it even if you already know AS, and I found it to be very easy to follow. Essential Actionscript 3 is excellent also. If you want some higher level techniques check out [URL=“http://gskinner.com/talks/as3workshop/”]http://gskinner.com/talks/as3workshop/.