Who likes pigs!?

PIGS! :crazy:

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… i dont even like pigs…

Ya don’t say…

Piglets are cute though :smirk:

I love pigs. Imagine prok, bacon and ham all from the same animal.

do you realize that pigs are made almost entirely of food?


nature’s way of saying “Bite Me”:stuck_out_tongue:


one of my best friends in high school had a pig. his little sister won it in a greased pig contest in a country fair. it was really cute when it was small, but eventually became a 500 pound monster and they sent it out to be converted to food.

Talking about pork, there is in singapore one delicious dish: Tchar Siew phonetically. Rosted pork basically, cut in very little pieces, with an amazing sauce… Hmmm…

I cook a lot with pork…

But I do nothing with Asian styled food…

in chef school, the first class of Asian Regional, I got the standard A-…

by the 2nd class I got a C-:frowning:

I was so bored!:*(

Just not my style:bandit:


Ever tried to cook Thaï? Most amazing food I’ve ever eaten.

[SIZE=1]I love pork. I do all sorts of it on the grill all the time. My
current fav is an italian spiced tenderloin bathed in butter and
garlic slow roasted on the top rack of the grill. Takes about 40
min if I do it right. Don’t even need a knife!

mm-mm sooo good. I think I just may do one tonight now…=)

I hear a lot of people say that about Thai food. I’ve always
wanted to try it but never have. I really should cuz I love to try
new foods. I just simply love food in general.


I’ve actually taken Thaï cooking lessons (in Thaïland :cowboy: ) and it’s not that difficult. The problem is that you have to find 200 vegetables, sauces, spicies that you CANNOT find anywhere else. :*( But it is amazing: chicken Pat thaï is amazing, green curry with chicken is the best thing I’ve eaten in years, and sticky rice with mango is just… impossible to describe with words.

Nevermind, I’ll move to Thaïland with Phil…

pom :smirk:

yes, while in Hawaii I dated a Thai girl for about a year…

Not fond of curry…:frowning:

my specialty is pastry, anyway:nerd:

tonight is Jamaican Oxtail Stew:P (the love of my life is Jamaican)

Yum, Yum, Yum:P


Forget Jamaïcan!!! Thaï all the way!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

actually, I prefer French…:slight_smile:


Of course. No need to mention it. :cowboy:

Man I miss French food so much…

its’ funny…everything I cook anymore has a French undertone:evil:


japanese! :rambo: the real stuff, not just sushi. (although i love sushi)
my wife is japanese. i was there for two weeks, this time last year.

I’m with bit on this one. Japanese is my favorite!