When I move code to next frame, it does not work

I have a long stretch of AS in the 3rd frame of my main movie. I would like to start some more code in frame 4 (for preview purposes, I can use a gotoAndPlay action for that frame so I don’t have to watch entire movie each time)

The code works fine when placed at the end of all code in the third frame, but when I move it to the fourth it does not work at all. (right now it is just attaching a testMC) I have been trying adding stops and anything else I can think of which may be the cause for this but I cannot figure it out.

I feel as though it is something really simple I must be overlooking or possibly just don’t know. Earlier in the movie, I have content in frame 2 and it moves to the content in frame 3 just fine???

Here is the actual movie so that it can be opened to look at the code, though if it is played there are many loaded movies which will cause a lot of errors.

I would really appreciate if someone could see what I am or am not doing!