Where do I put Coldfusion, and can I run PHP 5 as well?

Hi guys, The question, simply, is: do I put Coldfusion on my workstation with dev’t apps, or server with Apache/PHP/MySQL? Finally got the $ to get my dual Opteron workstation up and running. XP 64…woo hoo…I think…it will stop doing weird things, eventually, right? :slight_smile: This means my old computer will now be dedicated strictly 100% to serving web pages and database, both just for testing and personal sites. I’ve another Supermicro half-built, so this is just for 4-5 months. I have gotten Flex 2 up through the Eclipse environment on the WORKSTATION, but I’d like to integrate it with Coldfusion (might as well try for 30 days with some tutorials, I can decide from there). I have a need to put PHP 5 up too, and MySQL. I’d like the SERVER to serve PHP and Colfusion pages, with MySQL for a db. Now: can I run Apache and PHP and Colfusion together, and is THAT where I install Coldfusion, on the server, or do I install it on the workstation which has Flex on it? I don’t want to proceed till I’m certain. I’ll put Dreamweaver, which I use, and F8, on the workstation, use the server as my testbed, and I have hosted server that I am already uploading final F8/MySQL and Flex (sorta!)…the question is, where to install Coldfusion so it’s most tightly integrated with Flex, but still actually works as a server in conjunction with PHP, if possible…knowing this will only work on my testing server here at home… Thanks kindly. Shawn