Where have all the flash jobs gone?

ok, when i was hired at the company that recently laid me off i had about 4 different companies interested in hiring me - and that was before i had any professional experience programming in flash. now that i have over 2 years of flash programming experience i am having trouble finding a job!
just wanted to know if there were any other people out there having trouble finding work in web production. i find it hard to beleive that there are less people out there developing websites/software in flash now that the software is more powerful than ever!
any thoughts on this topic would be welcome! and does anyone out there know of a good IT recruiting firm that deals with flash developers?
have a nice day,

Well, I’ve got no idea which side of the Atlantic you’re on, and I can only offer advice on what it’s like here in England.

There’s jobs out there. Plenty of jobs in fact, for people who know Flash. But (and you knew there was going to be a but) not only do they want you to have at least a good 3 - 5 years of Flash and ActionScripting, but also the same depth of knowledge about HTML, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, PHP, SQL, ASP, Java, JavaScript, Vignette… The list goes on.

I think there’s a lot more professionals out there than there are jobs, so the companies can afford to be really picky over who they employ.

It irritates me, as it seems to be a viscious circle. The companies want you to have 4 years of commercial experience, but you can get that if you can get a job. And without the job…

Or perhaps you know Flash and Dreamweaver/HTML inside out, but you’ll get rejected because you aren’t 100% on things like ASP.

Luckily I found a new web job, and if anyone’s interested in my (soon to be) old one, check out monster.co.uk

This Job Posting only requires Excellect Actionscript 2.0 knowledge

It’s located in Carlsbad, California - Just North of San Diego

I’m hoping that sinfiniti hasn’t been unemployed for almost 4 years. :sigh: