Where is Alpha?

I keep seeing Tutorials referring to the ALPHA option, and changing it to ZERO??

Where can I find this??

on the effects panel…

Rev :elderly:

thank you!!! :slight_smile:

What exactly does chanigng the Alpha DO???

Alpha changes the opacity of the object.

What is opacity? Opacity is the transparency of the object.

What is transparency? How much you can see through the object

What is see through? When you can see what is behind an object by looking through it.

0 = clear

50 = half clear/half solid

100 = solid

::can you tell I was bored :P::

LOL!!! Your’e awsome! through the course of the afternoon I perfected the Alpha option :slight_smile:

Which is good becuase playing with Opacity is an addiction of mine when making graphics LOL!!!

I love Alpha and Opacity.

I use them both all the time in Photoshop and Flash.

They rule!

Definetly!!! :slight_smile: I’m an OPACITY-O-HOLIC :wink:

Wow, I didn’t know one could be that…

In that case… count me in :crazy:

Yuo can be :slight_smile: I just made it so :wink:

If Trinity makes it so,then let it be so

WE ARE OPACITY-O-HOLICS!! :slight_smile: lol

Do you think they have meetings for that?? :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel an intervention coming on…



I’m an addict too. Add me to the counseling roster. :stuck_out_tongue:

Work your magic, Trinity.