Opacity or Alpha

Calling all earthlings…

I was looking at this site www.designunion.net and I wanted to find out if anyone knew how to do that cool changing of the picture thing and that awesome sheet thing that go across the screen.

If you know how to do it please holla at me that stuff is off the hook.

Big up.

Lets just say they took a long long time working out a nice tween transition that looks nice with a bunch of white planes with _alpha settings that give it a lack in opacity!

That transition is amazing, I like it.

_alpha and opacity are the same thing. You can either set it on a graphic symbol manually or use AS. Either way, an effect like that would take a long time to set up.

That site is amazing.

the third way of doing alpha is by setting the alpha of a fill or a stroke base object.

just thought I should note that. :slight_smile:

I love alpha gradients.

ok… you sent me a PM with a request for more detail.

well… I can only guess really.

I’d say that the sliding panels are done by creating a single white fill square the size of the stage.

select the first frame of the layer with the fill, and hit, create motion tween. Select the keyframe that is produced and set the alpha level of the tween with the “effects” panel. probebly 10%.

Select a frame down the timeline a ways and hit F6 to make a keyframe there. Now both keyframes have a 10% alpha level on the square.

Select all the frames and choose menu option, “edit/copy frames”

Paste these frames into as many layers as you need to make an opaque stack of these tanslucent white panels.

Go back to each layer and set out the movement on the last keyframe to have them move off the stage. Adding keyframes or frames to make a more smooth, and realistic exit.

It will not look as good as theirs… not on your first try. Work with the “easing” settings in the “Frame” panel to change how the panels begin and end various slides. Easing is HIGHLY IMPORTANT to making smooth looking movement. “Easing In” means that the movement between the keyframe with the easing set, and the next keyframe in the layer, is reworked to a bell curve, starting slowly and gaining speed until it reaches it’s destination. “Easing Out” uses an oppostie bell curve, starting out fast and slowing until it reaches the next keyframe. Easing is the difference between mechanical movement which is precise, and natural movement which is a “growing”, “feeling” movement.