Where to go from here...?

I’m new to Flash so if this is a really simple question please forgive me. I have looked in my textbook but I couldn’t find the answer to my question…maybe I don’t know enough of the terminology! So…the image link below is to give you the visual example of my chosen project. I will have a next button and a back button. The Flash show will begin with fall. Fall will have colored leaves falling, pumpkins glowing, etc. Winter will have wind blowing, snow falling, etc. Spring will have flowers blooming…etc. Summer will have children playing and a “June Bug” flying. My problem is this…I will create them each individually -> a new stage (with BG image) for each with all of the effects. How do I bring it all together into one Flash show? What button calls could I use to change (fade out/in transition between scenes) between the scenes. I email my instructor but I believe she is out of town this weekend. I don’t really need help putting together the individual scene just bringing them all together. Thanks in advance!

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