Ok, this post is 100% spam, but I just wanted to let you know what I’ve just experienced:

Two months ago, my brother and I decided to clean up his comp, because it was pure crap, you couldn’t even simply copy and paste anymore. Instead, it just gave this beep. Ok, so we wiped his hd, divided it into two partitions, and re-installed Windows. Problem: the drivers. So I went out for the drivers, installed them and they didn’t work. So we went to the computer store and asked to get it fixed.

He’s been waiting for two months, and today, his comp was finally fixed. So, we wanted to play on LAN again, so we install the network card and all. When we plug the cable in, my brother notices that the network card is very loose in the computer. So we open it up, and notice that the two screws in the two cards that are in it (the network card and another useless one) aren’t there, but there are two empty slots next to them that do have screws for the protection plate.

So, my brother suggest we take the screws from there. I do that. Ok, reboot. Then, I got terrified. Nothing. Three beeps, then nothing. I was already screwing up my brothers comp after the two months he’d been waiting for it. I felt really horrible. My brother was about to cry. I quickly search the net for 3 long beeps, and find that it has something to do with the RAM. So, I took out the RAM cars, wipe off the slot, and place them back in. Reboot and … no beeps ! Whew !

Man, I felt really really bad. My brother has been waiting so long to be able to use his comp again, and I thought I screwed it up.

After that, he told me that he touched the RAM slots before I even touched the inside of the comp. That was quite a relief. Man … I’m never touching that thing again !

Thats the worst man.

I swear every time I have had to work on someones PC with them standing over me something goes wrong.

but if I take the bax back to my house to work on it its always smooth sailing.

I remember the days of trying to find obscure drivers.

Win XP may be completely full of security holes but automatic system recovery and the ability to boot off of the OS cd alone for install and to patch is the shizzle.