Which direction to take: SVG, Canvas, CreateJS, or?

My intent is to make a game-like page where the user is shown polygons (and eventually ones with some curves on their sides). After a set time has passed, the polygon goes away and a neutral square appears with its corners controllable. The user then attempts to recreate the polygon by adjusting the corners. Once done, the user clicks a button and the original polygon overlays their attempt so they can see how close they were.

The question is, which technology is best for me to pursue? I think I can see ways to succeed for all of the ones mentioned in the topic’s title.

I am big fan of games like this. Great question on what you are trying to do. I would say SVG as my preferred solution followed by Canvas. They are all a bit tricky to do. Take a look at this: http://interactjs.io/

This library might make some of the resize logic easier to implement. I haven’t used it, so I can’t really vouch for how good it really is.


Thanks Kirupa!
What a brilliant solution. Now I have a direction.

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I tried interactjs but it was too complex (and large) for me at the moment. I ended up going with plain draggable instead. Ran into an issue though (detailed here).

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