Which framenumber?


I have one timeline with two labels; “Sound” & “Mute”. Is it possible to get the labels framenumber without setting variables as the movie plays? I need to “get” the framenumber directly when the movie is loaded.

in words if that makes it easier:
// when movie is loaded
//// get framenumber for label “Sound”
//// get framenumber for label “Mute”
// done


If you’re not dynamically assigning certain frames, then it is no problem to simply use the frame number itself and not have to use a variable. Also, you can refer to certain frames through their labels, that’s what they’re there for :wink:

Yeah. I know. But I still need to know where on the timeline the label “Sound” is. Next. :h:

not really, no. The workaround is to use gotoAndStop commands to goto each label and record the frame number immediately when the movie starts (making sure you go back to the initial frame when you’re through). The problem with this that if you have any scripts in those frames, it will run and possibly/most likely screw you and your movie.

Yeah … it’s a ***** :confused: