Which game is better, Mechwarrior4, or Diablo 2?

I woould like to know which game you people think is better?

I personally prefer Mechwarrior 4. The graphics/gameplay of Mechwarrior 4 is simply amazing. I have never seen a game that combines nature and modern technology in such a nice way. I have not played Diablo 2 (except for the demo) so I am not in a position to judge about D2 :slight_smile:

mechwarrior 4 is a microsoft ccertified piece of sh1t… with win 2k on my machine when i try to change the graphics settings it just resets my computer… no warning… no nothing… just crashes me. i hate it =[

<h3>I myself prefer MW4 thanks! As for whining about your computer crashing well its like this…If you do not know how to run a clean system, learn…if not don’t lag everybody by trying to play…</h3>

Diablo2 I Hate, MW4 Is Awesome.