Which gun in any FPS is your favorite?

:o you all forgot about Team fortress… The demomans pipe grenade launcher and demo pack is by far the best… along with the crowbar and or wrench :smiley: :smiley: :wink: Id also go with pistols in any game… along with the Needler, something satisfying about wasting a whole clip into an enemy and watching them all blow up :smiley: :stunned:

Ah the crowbar, the primary weapon of HL :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember back in the day of Half Life, when the accident occured. We made that joke that it was all your fault and everyone started yelling at him screaming. That was so funny…but funnier when it happened :ne:

Hehe should have made the Desert Eagle seperate from the pistols. I don’t like pistols much but the deagle hand cannon has to be my pick.

trust me, you don’t wana know :wink:


Hey someone voted for needlers!!! Cool! I thought that would of been 0 for a while.
If you know how to use it, the needler can be an extremely deadly weapon :stuck_out_tongue:

10 - 15 needles from the needler and you can make those huge explosions. I love that gun.

Ah yeah,
it’s tought to get em on though, when your oppenent is moving and jumping around from a distance!

I voted for the sniper. Basically I just like anything I can zoom with for headshots. But my favourite weapon of all time has got to be the bricks in Timesplitters 2. I dunno why but running around hurling bricks through windows really appeals to me.

In general - 7.62 Carbine

Halo - Gotta love that Pistol (M6D Pistol).

You gotta love the MP5 from CS. The best gun for iceworld! :love: