Which gun in any FPS is your favorite?

Ok guys,
I know that a lot of people here play many FPS games,
and well we all have our own tastes for what gun we choose.
Pick your favorite gun, may the best gun win :stuck_out_tongue:

m1 grand and thomson in Medal of honor!!!

i would have to say the redeemer from ureal tournament, that gun rocks.

[size=7]What !! ??
[size=3]I can’t believe it :frowning: ! Hey, I could out snipe any one of you guys or girls, but I stick to my AK-47! (Props to the AK fans), in games like urban terror, or cs, its the most stable weapon, and i use SINGLE SHOT. yes single shot . I’m good :smiley: ! <-hehe

Edit: don’t choose sniper rifles ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: its n00b! heh
[/size] [/size]

****. LOL :slight_smile: When I was 7 i loved my Amiga :wink:

Oh you say sniper rifles are noob?!
Play in me in counterstrike, you take ak, I’ll take a scout. We’ll see whos noob.

Edit: i thought u liked AK? :wink:

Other guns can be ruined in some games but what gun always stays deadily would be the shotgun, so it has my vote. How can you not have fun blowing someone back with it and getting everything in its path because the spread is so wide. Gotta love it :hugegrin:

I guess I’ll throw in another vote for the BFG found in the original Doom I/II :stuck_out_tongue:

sniper rifle in UT all the way… HEAD SHOT

lol :p:

[ot]It’s really awesome to Snipe the computer bots on Face I in the original UT. You simply stay high-up on your tower and just snipe them as they spawn. You can get soo many monster kills that way hehe[/ot]

from the selections : AUG is the mac daddy -

other one is the Spinfusor from Tribes 2

I like the AUG also. Great gun in Counter Strike :wink:

Spinfusor in Tribes. Awsome gun!!! :thumb:

Yea the bullpup is CS was amazing. Thing killed like crazy. The only gun that I found that rapid-shoots while sniping :). That gun was so fun.


rogue spear is my game o’ choice. In that game the single greatest weapon is the HK MP5-K-PDW. Combining a nice spray & rapid fire rate, it’s an excellent close range - medium range weapon.

other games:
BF1942: Axis Medic’s MP40
CounterStrike: Mp5/auto shotgun
ghost recon: m16
Hitman Contracts: Dual Silverballers
Unreal Tourney: Plasma rifle/rocket launcher (tie)
Halo: assault rifle/shotgun

HalfLife/CounterStrike/TeamFortress: Crowbar!

and for sniping: draganov every time.

you don’t use the pistol in Halo?


HL2’s displacer gun…Still waiting to test it, but it’s an instant-winner!
In CS terms, I love the AUG.

And my favourite shooter, the specialists, is a half life mod: ww.specialistsmod.net in which we can dive, flip, superjump and do lots of stunts, and in which it’s not the weapon in hand but the weapon total (weight) that matter in player speed.

I have a lot of favourite weapons for that mod:
-Five Seven with silencer (they won’t know what hit 'em. Plus it goes through walls!)
-Katana (dive 'n slice)
-Steyr TMP (faster spray rate than mp5)
-Sawed-Off Shotgun (get close, get frags!)