Any recommendations on good single player FPS game?

Hey everyone,
What are some good single-player FPS games that someone like me who likes futuristic worlds with a lot of big weapons would like. These are the ones that I may try after I’m done with Half Life:

Unreal 2

Are there are any other good games that I may like? I am not too interested in terrifying games like RTCW or Undying :stuck_out_tongue:

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

Ever played MEdal of Honor :Allied Assult or Call of Duty they are both pretty fun but now as fast paced as Unreal Tournament(Third Person)

Any Tom Clancy game is good. Though I’m not sure what’s out right now for the PC.

Delta Force BHD a fav of mine. Theres also Tribes, 62 players can play on multiplayer isnt it?

Pandora Tommorow

Americas Army - Best game ever - Free too.

Screw that! Deus EX 1!!! (or 2 if you want the crazy graphics). Those games rule. Or even System Shock 2.

You know what you should try?

Check out RedFaction2 or any Medal Of Honor. Those are great!
Haha my cousin here suggested 007 Golden Eye! A tough reach, but hey, who in the world wasn’t obbsessed with that game?

But obviously, Halo for xbox or PC is the best FPS ever.

Call of Duty! exilent game.

But obviously, Halo for xbox or PC is the best FPS ever.

Not by a longshot man… Halo for XBox was great, but it doesn’t come close on the PC.

I am a huge Medal of Hour fan… great game.

But for more futuristic type of stuff, you should look at “Chronicles of Riddick - Escape from Butcher Bay” if you have an Xbox, amazing, amazing game. Awesome graphics, great story and just plain fun to play.

I just want everybody to read that. Flash it in your face and let it sink it that da man has officially declared it.

Red Faction 2 = Mediocre
Riddick = Good sneaker/shooter, but a little buggy…
Medal of Honor = Get Call of Duty
Halo = Awesome on Xbox, Average on PC (sorry you crazy K-team guys)

MY reccomended list:
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
Far Cry
Hitman series
Theif: DS
Tron 2.0 (It’s awesome for anyone who played it)
Deus Ex 1

Americas Army - Best game ever - Free too.

I agree but I think he was asking for SINGLE PLAYER games.
anyway except for tribes 2 I think everything’s been mentioned

Thanks for all the recommendations. I have Deus EX, but I haven’t played that yet either. I think that came free with my sound card. I’ll give the demo of Call of Duty a shot later :slight_smile:

Hey Disco,
we are the Halo K-Team, PC and XBOX :wink:

But SplinterCell isn’t a single player FPS. It’s a third person stealth action game. Sure if you go online with SCPT, you can choose to be a spy or a mercenary, which are 1st person…

As goes for GTA, not a FPS :slight_smile:

Now I don’t know what kind of games you like kirupa, but I would reccomend Counter-Strike for xbox or PC. For PC, I just got Condition Zero, it’s a great single player game, with loads of fun. Also, can’t forget about going online.

I personally didn’t find Riddick to be very buggy at all, only found one so far and it was nothing really.

As for Medal of Honour, I liked it MUCH better than Call of Duty.

I hated Hitman, and Vice City is waaaaaaaay to over rated in my opinion. As is the whole GTA series.

Ah well, to each his own! Good luck Kman :thumb:

Yes, I always knew that, eventually, he would give in… and soon, more will follow. :kommie:


you Need To Get America’s Army

Deus ex is just JAM AND TOAST !!! (the most) it started my hole pc game fixation.

ghost recon (and any other TC game) gets my vote me and my friends play them at lans all the time and we never get sick of em’ !!!

hitman is over rated, my friend has it and he loves it (but he is a doofus lol)


Hitman ROCKS. It requires a TON of patience though. I’ve beat all of them on Silent Assassin. I’m a pretty hardcore gamer too (pretty much everything that comes out).