Which Insect/Animal/Fish Creeps you out?

I guess he had problems with the c ock.

maybe filter ignores it in your post since you are female

I think I’m going to go with any carnivorous creature in the ocean. Can’t run from them :-/

it was because he had it with no space like cockroaches, but if you have **** roaches then it puts in the filter, like it just did :stuck_out_tongue:

The filter is gender sensitive??? :h: If that’s true, that’s awesome.

One insect that makes me really angry are ladybugs. Especially with the bloody invasion of the yellow ones. It’s insane.

Other than that, I’ve been somewhat scared of hornets ever since my sister “disturbed” a hornet’s nest in our backyard and ran like mad all over the neighbourhood while they chased her. She was stung twice. And she was 6.

[size=1][EDIT] Ohhh… for future reference, cockroaches doesn’t have a space in it. :P[/size]

The filter is gender sensitive??? If that’s true, that’s awesome.

sorry but

:lol: I know I know. But I was just imagining what it would be like to have a gender sensitive filter. And it would be awesome, would it not? :stuck_out_tongue:

but then I COULD say I was a girl and say **** roaches all day long without the silly filter :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah it would be :stuck_out_tongue:
but since there are no fields where you enter your gender kirupa would have am lot of work finding out the members’ gender.

Well, maybe Kirupa’s a closet AI geek, who set up a bot to read all of a user’s posts and determine (based on word choice and sentence structure and statements like “I’m a female”) what the user’s gender is.

[size=1][EDIT] That’s true bp, the “I’m a female” bit might throw things off when people start lying. :stuck_out_tongue: Scratch that. I’m pretty sure the rest is possible. :)[/size]

but sense we already know that everybody on the forum except three people are guys, it wouldn’t really be that hard :wink:

hey fester its jelly fish…i mean a group of them…they come out of the sea and stay on the shore, many people step on them and get stung…I noticed they only used to come out on fridays (holidays there) beaches are more crouded then…i lived 10 secs away from the beach and used to spend a lot of time there…someone told me they get attracted to the human scents…dont know if its a myth or that happens for real…i am gona post some more gross pics tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue: good nite ppl

Any bug creeps me out. This 6’2" 200 pounds of muscles turns into a 11 year old girl anytime a bug is near me. Especially when on me. I hate bugs… I hate them.

Haha that’s hilarious the way you typed that :lol:. I can imagine the little manly scream turning into a high squeaky wimpy yell.

while we’re on the topic…


ok, and aliggators too. Well anything that can bite of a limb is scary.

Don’t you think giraffes are scary? I mean, the way they just stand there, all… silent. It’s like they’re plotting something. And then they stick their tongues in your car at African Lion Safari (fellow Ontarians should know what I’m talking about).

octupuses really freak me out, i hate things with tentacles…

there was this show on pbs last night about the giant octopus, in can be like 16 feet long…

did I mention that I am afraid of any person heavier than 130 kg walking on stairs over me.
I guess this is because a ~300kg women fell down the stairs on me when I was 8. (sure you all know the scene in Indiana Jones where this big stone is ralling through a corridor. The difference was that the fall of the fat woman was stopped abruptly after 2 rotations when she bruised my little brother and me against the banister.

That would be Sharks, if it was legal I would love to be a shark hunter, and Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch. I have dreams of Bigfoot chasing me through the woods.

Anyone else afraid of Horses?? Those things are 900 pounds of rock hard muscle. If by chance they grow opposable thumbs or decide they’re meat eaters… we’re all screwed.

Horses creep me out.