Your Biggest Fear(s)

One of mine took place yesterday.

Lost all my data, email backup(its not on webmail anymore), some sites, my personal folder, fonts collection, software collection and worst, my gf pics
:frowning: because of a very dumb mistake, had no backup, its so dumb.

Anyway it has already happened, theres nothing that i can do so ranting over it shud’nt help either…

anyway my other fear is losing my gf, v r togather for a long long time, life long really.Its not me trusting her or her trusting me…just that she’s so beautiful, ex ramp model , tv model and guys are around her all the time bothering her, its just unknown fear…i am sure many guys with beautiful gf’s 'd understand that…she had(dont know if she still does) same fears about me as i was also into modelling, then a dj’ing for a while.This Long distance thingy just bugs the hell out of me…wel its gona change soon…like the old days…hope it all gets better and i get over this fear.

There ya go…

Your Turn now.

:frowning: I’m sorry :frowning:

are you sure there’s nothing you can do about it, have you tried those apps that are supposed to be able to get stuff back? How’d you delete it?

again, I really feel bad for you man :frowning:

and my worst fear is uh… hmm… snakes? turtoure?

I know, room 101! or whatever that room from 1984 was…

btw, that was the greatest book ever! the only book that I’ve actually LIKED reading

but that room is something I could have in my worst nightmares, really really creepy, especially the torture they do to the guy in the book

ya you can recover the deleted stuff from utilities like norton utilities…but i formatted drive using a winme boot cd(it take care of the bad sectors and clean them from the hard drive) i had some viruses on my d drive and no backup…infact i transfered temp backup to drive E, i totally forgot my D drive was of NTFS format and dos wud’nt recognize D drive…i thot of formatting d drive as it had some viruses and dos took my E drive as D…thats one of the dumbest things i have ever done :frowning:

I used to hav bad dreams on both above mentioned topics…guess one of thm is taken care of now :stuck_out_tongue: other will be soon as i go to uk (max by Jan)

I hav’nt read that book(or any for tht matters, i am not into reading, dont even read newspapers :P) but i have seen some crazy movies…one of them starrin JLO(creepy…cant remember the name) then red dragon, i have heard of these weird torture methods, mind games…all too tough for me to understand or digest…scary stuff…saw ted bundi few days ago and was confirmed on here that it was a real story…sick stuff scares me.

fear itself… nah jking, umm… I dont know really, being tortured is one, being bullied, and losing everything, like jas :frowning: man that sucks jas :frowning: well its a lesson learnt, BACKUP!
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That the Dawn of the Dead will not happen and I won’t get to kick zombie ***. or That I will never get to time travel. Thats my two biggest fears.

I’m sorry to hear that Jas :(, the same thing happened to me a while back so I know how frustrating it can be

Blabj & Andrew , guess i learnt the lesson the hard way :frowning:
o well if i can make the collection ones again if i did that the first time, no worries regarding the softwares, i can regenerate everything with time i guess…but those pics of my gf :frowning: i used to capture her cam…she also loved many of them…guess i can also recover there in few months when i have her with me =) brighter side to this is that all of my brothers collected p0rn, which i am sure he had been collecting since ages is also gone =) i always hated that, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

[edit] [color=darkorange]hey blabj, congrats on your 200th post man, hope to see one more 0 in the end soon[/color] =) [/edit]

Sorry to hear that jas :frowning:

My biggest fears would be:
1.) Being buried alive
I played Undying…that poor guy didn’t seem too happy being locked up in a tomb.

2.) Being stuck in a ventilation shaft
Not sure why I’d ever find myself there, but that is one of my biggest fears.

3.) Warehouses/Alien Spaceships in the Dark
I’ve played too many games and watched too much TV where bad things happen to people in those places.

4.) Stuck in the middle of the ocean during a Storm
Or even worse - having fallen over the boat into the water during a storm.

5.) Eating Shrimp, and other Worm-like Seafood
I would never ever eat them. It looks like I am eating those grubs you see while working in the yard.



My only really big fear is seeing/being bitten by snakes. I almost stepped on one (barefoot) when I was a kid, and ever since then it’s like, no more snakes for me. I almost got bitten by one the other week… :frowning:


thanks Kirupa, only geeks can understand eachothers pain…to the outside world we r whining over nothin, lol :stuck_out_tongue: kidding, thanks for the concern man :slight_smile:

so a lot of ppl r scared of snakes? no croc fears?no heights…i almost developed a fear of not skydiving ever again…i had a small accident while doin it…o well ok i was stuck on a big tree for an hour or so :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe that was my fault.

For some odd reason (must have been a movie I saw as a kid or my crazy uncle telling me stories), I always think something’s behind me. Like this big huge scary purple monster goblin thing. And it’s always behind me. And no one else can see it, because it’s only visible to me. But I can never see it 'cause it’s bloody behind me all the time. And one day, when I least expect it, it’ll eat me.

That’s what I’m afraid of. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s all true. I’ve learned to live with it and/or ignore it though.

reminds me of my first scary movie: Exorcist (1 or 3, forget). The one scene I can’t ever forget is when the nurse walks to some room by herself, then walks out with a headless statue of the Virgin Mary (?) following her.

The devil, ghosts, aliens, anything wierd and dark…

Downtown Manhattan they have this building that you’re restricted to go into, if you look closely you can see someone walking/pacing back and forth by the window…devils work? Ghosts?


normal people…

I’ve seen a ghost but they’re not my biggest fear. In fact I seen the same one several times and he seemed like a harmless enough kind of guy.

Biggest fear is heights but not being up high, if I’m high and I know I can’t fall then I’m ok. However if I have even a slight chance of falling or jumping that scares me. Sometimes the curiosity of what it would feel like to jump begins to creep into my mind and I seriously start to think about it…thats what scares me.


1000% Agree. I’ve seen spiders that move like robots with HUGE abdomens and have this nasty look to them. Sick…

all the fears in this thread are combining… now there’s a robot spider spitting snakes, and it’s always right behind me

Amen to that
Sometimes there are 1-inch spiders on my wall when I wake up. they freak me out. totally. I almost **** my pants when I see them in the morning. and they are green and black, and they have theese fat legs ya know, not these tiny tiny ones, they are really thick legs. EEEEEEWWWWWWW
gives me shivers