Which Insect/Animal/Fish Creeps you out?

After the biggest fears thread, all of the talk about creepy insects made me very hungr…I mean, intrigued. So, just out curiosity (and to sell to a marketing agency :evil: ), which insect/animal/fish creeps you out the most?

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

Poodles. :pa:

The Japanese Hornet - It’s about the size of an adults pinky finger. Scary as hell.

Any spider also…

I’m not scared of fish since I dont go in natural water much :P! I stay in the one that comes out of my shower…

JHornet Picture:

No thats actual size…:frowning:

Spiders… living in the desert I do see a lot of them.

Insect: Scorpion

I’ve seen a few in real life. They are scary!


Anything in the ocean thats bigger than me.

More pictures on the Japanese Hornet:

[ actual size ]


Anything hidden in the ocean abled to hurt me with poison

60 inch dogs whose holders keep telling me “he’s harmless, he just want’s to play”

mosquitoes and rats and all other except the ones which cause mass epidemics, i like them all…they are an important part of food chain…

Man those pictures freak me out – i used to be deathly afraid of bees.

I dont know what they are called, but there are these moth things that are colored like rocks; a bunch of them were chillin moth style on a path somewhere on the appalachian trail in Vermont and when i got near, they flew at me and they tried like crazy to get in my ears!!! Fr!kkin scariest thing right there.

Oh man… once i stepped on a jellyfish somewhere near monterey beach, Cali, and it started vibrating! Luckily it didnt sting me, i swam like hell!


[size=3]SICK EW YUCK GET IT AWAY[/size]

guess what i found on dubai beaches

errr 10 cent?

any insect/any aquatic life that can hurt me/rotweilers

I hate spiders, scorpions, bugs… icky stuff like that.

Only anacondas. If any other animal can’t eat me. I’ll eat’em.

guess what i found on dubai beaches

That looks like the worm things from Tremors.

Thats friggin gross jas.

COC K ROACHES (stupid filter)

I hate 'em, they crunch when you crush them… ah!!!

and I don’t really mind many other things, except of course, the tiny centipedes!


It doesn’t get caught by the filter. :h: