¿ which program/language to use?

hi guys! what is/are the most preferred language/program to use? …i have flash files (swf) and certain users can access it i have to keep track of their “progress” and store it in a database…

…please explain your reply so i may “catch up”…

thanks in advance.

I use PHP. I like that. Here is a good book for ya if you got $25…

Its powerful and easy to learn.

thanks for the reply… i’ll give it a try…:eye: (after i can save that amount…huh huh ;( )… anyhu, is it not hard for “old dogs” like to learn that stuff? …if you dont mind, what made you like the PHP thing?

thanks again…

I chose php because I had to communicate with mySQL database. SO I picked up a book and I learned it.

If your looking for a versatile and easy to learn scripting language for use with databases and other things, then i recommend ASP or PHP.

The only difference between these two is that ASP is microsoft based, and of course runs on NT machines, which are unreliable compared to unix machines.

That is why PHP is the preferred solution for many servers. Plus, its free :-).

Go for PHP. Its easy to learn.


While some may argue, PHP is (currently) more powerful than ASP. ANd it can be combined with XML and mySQL to create truly dynamic sites…

i work with ASP, but all the corps want to migrate to PHP, to reduce costs…

So im starting to learn php a little.

I tell you go with PHP if you are starting at programming, its the future! :P, they(business) are asking for PHP developers everywhere, they are seeing the potential of PHP, i used ASP because VBScript is so ■■■■ easy :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe, just need to look deeper in php i think its not that difficult…

weeeeooowww!:stunned: …thanks for the info! …since there’s a majority… hmmmm… i guess i’ll give PHP a go! =)

again… thank you for the help… jubba, valor and thediablo… thanks guys!

one more thing, where should i start? :sigh:… i mean is there a pretty good cool place where i can start? …a resourse… a tutorial… an ebook i guess? (or if there’s an interactive one that would be a great plus!!!:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: )

ASP connects to XML as well. ASP uses Access of SQL to connect. Really easy to learn and works well with flash. I have not done any php but I have heard they run neck and neck in functionality. I dont know about php being the future. But it is definitely lower in cost to maintain. But if you really wanna go high powered ASP.net now that is the future.

PHP is very easily integrated with XML and mySQL databases. When using these together PHP can become a very powerful force.

That book that I posted a link to in my earlier post is more than enough to get you started and its pretty cheap as far as programming books go. I highly recommend that one. :bounce: