Which program used for these graphics?

hey guys,

im creating a background and i want to do something similar here: http://www.loafdesign.com/index2.htm

but not the images, I want to know what program did that site use so it created that “textual color” feel. Its like Apple’s ipod cartoon images.

Looks like it was either flash, illustrator, freehand, or any other vector program.

that’s vector shapes - mostly done in flash

if i remember right he used to be a member here. I think he used Adobe Illustrator for his vector images.

though they could be made in anything really… if going to Flash, might as well make them in Flash unless its something Flash can’t handle on its own (in the authoring environment) - then at least you know it will come out right in the swf. AI art wont always Flash-isize correctly, and often does so otherwise very inefficiently.

thanks for the replies :slight_smile: