Whishlist in flash

I want to make the whishlist in flash. please help me in doing that. any example if there please send it.

I am making a website were people can select the products & add to enquiry basket & send them. There are 200 products while checking an product there should be option of adding them to enquiry basket & at last he can send them.

Please help me


try xml. :thumb:

maybe better off doing this with/out the main content being in flash. you can use ASP/PHP as a back end, and use flash for eye candy

XML is probably the way to go if you don’t want to get to complex with server side

yea, probably is

Doesnt seem like it needs xml to me. Could just use a basic text string with a series of ID numbers for each item on the wishlist. That can then be sent to some server script and have done what ever needs done - save as a file for future reference or email to whomever or… whatever.