Check that little beauty…


ok… so i’ve seen this site on many forums and blogs, everyone says it’s great, but i can never connect to the server :hair:

They’re having problems for sure, but if you are patient enough, my young padawan, you’ll get there :slight_smile:

haha, i’ve tried A LOT over the last while…

i guess i’ll just keep trying… :slight_smile:

I got in on my first try…so :stuck_out_tongue:

For some reason, one of the easy puzzles created by “sasha” the curved thing wouldn’t appear after I dragged and dropped, but the ball acted as if it actually did exist. The ball then hit the red bulls-eye thing a few times and nothing happened :frowning:

it worked now! it’s really cool, kind of hard though

Kir >> happened to me too. The thing is, it seems that even after the ball has touched the target, it should not fall on the ground… Pretty weird :-\

Great fun :thumb:

  • Soul :s: