Who all has a pet?

I can’t believe I never asked you all this. How many of you have pets? Feel free to share a pic if you want :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll go first. Say hi to Pixel:

My instagram is mostly about him haha.



I have a horse.


Haha! That doesn’t surprise me at all. I am surprised you only have one! :horse:

I need more horses but barely have the time to take care of one.

I don’t have any pets now, but I now feel obligated to say I was one of those bratty kids that had their own pony [bottom] growing up (and a burro [top])


Haha! That is awesome.


Sage is overseeing my coding :grinning:

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Is Sage a domestic short hair?

No pets currently, cats, dogs and fish throughout the years and of course I was always curious about those fabled sea monkeys in the back of the comic books.

Great name for a pet!

Ha, ha, reminds me of this:

That burro is awesome.

My wife indicates American Shorthair (which, according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domestic_short-haired_cat, is distinct from domestic short hair).

Here’s the story WRT how we got her: one day, while I was at a previous job, my wife and kids went to an animal shelter a couple of towns away. After checking out several cats, Sage came up to them and they knew she was the one to get. When I got home, I greeted her but since she was still traumatized by the car ride home (didn’t like the cat carrier) and having been at the shelter for a couple of weeks, she spent 3 days under a bed (you could hear her sneeze a few times because she had a cold [most likely from the shelter]). IAC, she’s gotten acclimated to us and I’ve somehow become her best bud (she’ll hang out for hours just outside my office door or, as you saw in the picture, sometimes in my office).

I like cat.


I Have One pet DOG