Cats or dogs

Whats better? :crazy:

i loveded you piggy… i loveded you!!!


:-\ not your favorate animal, just whats better :slight_smile:

i loveded you piggy… i loveded you!!!

cats then!

woo go cats!

i loveded you piggy… i loveded you!!!

Stan says Cats Rule!!!

I vote dogs. I love my Rottweiler. His name is Zeus (for short actually…lol). He is da bestest doggy in da world!

Oh yeah, and cats hate me. Everyone who has told me that their cat is so nice and doesn’t bite and scratch, well their cats bit and scratched me. Either they all lie, or cats hate me. Considering some of the people, I lean towards the cat theory.

Well, Stan thinks he is a dog!


My sisters cat thinks shes a dog and her dog thinks she is a cat. It is very funny to watch them. Considering the dog is a Rottweiler that acts like a cat. And if anyone knows that kind of dog that is, knows that they are kind of big.

Funny stuff I tell ya :slight_smile:

I love my dog. Cats are too independent. You could be you, or anyone else… they rarely care. Dogs on the other hand create lasting bonds with their owners. My dog Poe is a member of the family… though he still has to wait till we’re done to eat.

When I get a chance I’ll re-upload the pictures I have of my dog. Once you see him you’ll swear off of cats forever. :slight_smile:

Dogs rule… cats drool…

nuf said.

Well vote on the poll david. Unless you have and it just isn’t updating on my side. I need more people backin me up…lol :stuck_out_tongue:

That is why Stan is so great…

He is definitely my cat…He comes when I call, I have never seen him get mad at anyone…

But he won’t get up on your lap…at all…

I hate it when pets just won’t leave you alone…( I have a friend with a wonderful dog who won’t stop trying to play ball)

Dogs are cool, but not in the City…

The only grass around my house is sold in dime bags


Haha, I hear you on the city part. The only grass I had was in my back yard, but my mom dug about 3/4 of that up to built a stupid pond. But out house is big enough for our dog to play in. Specially when we run up and down the steps over and over :slight_smile: (he likes that game)


dogs do love to run…

my friend with the needy dog just lives up the street. I wouldn’t do that to a dog… I mean he walks her 3 times a day, plays ball constantly, and is a very caring owner, but still…

He says, " if you want to lose weight, just own a dog in the City."


I must say … I prefer dogs. Cats give me the “evil eye.” :evil:


Sometimes I think it is impossible to lose weight in the city. With all this fast food floating around it’s just too tempting to pass up :stuck_out_tongue: This coming from a walking stick…haha :slight_smile:

no problem with me and fast-food…

I am a classically trained chef…

I just hate to go shopping…


Hey Phil: I never really stated the stereotype on cats, I just stated my theory that they all hate me, which is true thus far. But now that I think of it, none of the cats I have ever met were like yours, they were all too independant. That isn’t to say that ones like yours aren’t out there, I just haven’t met them.

Also, I feel for your loss. When I was younger my favorite dog, Thor, died before my eyes. He was misdiagnosed by the Vet and ended up getting cancer, and we couldn’t treat it. He got so sick that we decided to have him put to sleep, he died the night before he was supposed to go in, he had a massive seizure and started flopping around on the floor, and then he just stopped. We had him cremated and we still have his ashes.

Ok, to keep this thread from NOT getting even more depressing…

Rev: Classically trained chef eh? My brother is quite the chef himself :slight_smile: You seem to have quite the diverse background, which is definitely a good thing.

Yeah, I spent the first 15 years of my professional life trying to figure out what I wanted to do…:elderly:

Went to chef school at 30, bought a computer to write my notes…

the rest is history…well, with a trip to design school…

I have a deal with my girlfriend…I cook, she shops:P the blue hairs who take up the entire isle talking to their one last friend who is still alive drive me nuts:evil:
same reason I don’t drive in the City…

She lived in Queens for 10 years (originally from Jamaica), so she is used to it…keeps stress levels down:x


Very interesting indeed.

I am 18, I already know what I want to do, but I decided to try and get into a 4 year college and no one accepted me (which is weird since I graduated with a little over a 90 average), so now I am waiting and am going to apply to vocational schools I suppose.

I want to do Graphic and Web design by the way:)