Who is into skinning apps, and using style xp for there pc?

Hey all…

As the thread title says, anyone into that sort of thing?

I always like to update the look of my computer with VS (visual styles) with style xp… its refreshing… until recently i didnt know how to change the icons on your system (changing .dll file and exe) so ive got a cool overall VS and icons new look with xp, its awesome… :beam:

For those interested, you can go to http://www.themexp.org to pick up some nice visual style, but my favourite skinning artist would have to be “Krezno” who can be found making some of the popular Visual styles at themexp.

For a while now ive been going to his site and his forums , and i can honestly say that i think he is up there with the best at skinning. :!:

he releases beta versions VS’s as well as complete version and some complete ones with variations…

Right now . iam runing the new one he has there. “Skyline” its a awesome OSX looking VS with a nice twist.

Here is my current desktop
:: file size … 160kb @1600X1200 ::
Ive droped the jpg quality to 50 percent

Soulty’s Current Desktop!

you can find Krezno’s site here… http://www.d-u-m-b-a-s-sjones.com

:: get rid of the “-” so the link works, Kirupa AI is not letting me say d.u.m.b.a.s.s. lol