Who Likes To Party? MP3'S?

Just want to know who like to get’s down? Any good Songs?

Ok I’ll Start ( The Roots ( Don’t Say Nothin) ):slight_smile:

Whatchu talkin’ 'bout playa?

Nice site you have there. I really like the first track that plays, specifically I like how beat changes, which basically made me go OOOOOO Yeaaaaa! baby circles and head bobbing resumes


Thanks… I made that on Garageband. What is happen in Ontario??? I am partying in S M!!!

What kind of music do you like?

Sup Ryan or Devin…

How’s the beach? You ever make it in to Hollywood? We were just out last night at the Shelter. Was ok. My room mate owns Club Good Hurt on Venice blvd. Lots of live bands play there if you ever want to check it out.

And I guess to answer your question. I like getting down.

Yo EthanM,

This is RYAN!!!

What are you doing online? Party time. I have had a couple drinks chillen… What are your plans for tonight. I think that I am going to Venice. James Beach, what do you think about my site? I love feedback.

Sorry that was stupid… You don’t need to say anyting!!!

I’m not doing anything tonight. Went out last night and had dinner with my sister tonight on Rodeo.

I like the site. I think I’ve had a site with a simialr color scheme once before. I like how the first page changes…

…also I finally left track 1 on long enough to do some head bobbin to. Maybe you can tweak with the drop shadow for the content area though. Seems a little off.

Have good one and get a cab.

Thanks Mang LOL

I take it all back!! Here is a great link for some tunes!!



Keep on the D L

lol, thats probably a most like to get sued by the RIAA list…