Who wants to make the coolest menu ever :)?

i’m testing my luck here, but it’s worth a try. i’ve already gotten tons of help here (many thanks), but i’m too much of a n00b to make what i want to make. i’m trying to make a little interactive menu in which the opening scene is a floating fish. you click the fish, the fish goes “splat” (litteraly) and then the menu loads. i have that all done except for the menu loading. i’ve made the menu, and i’ll do the linking, just it doesn’t load and play after the splat. take a look at the fla. apologies, it’s quite messed up.

hmm… incentive… i’m going to purcase quite the accombidations in terms of web hosting. i’m not sure yet on which packege, but i’ll have 2000 mb and about 50 gb monthly transfer with all the cgi, email and databases you could dream of. i doubt i’ll be using anywhere near that amount of stuff, so who ever makes a decent menu (and perhaps a simple little logo thingy?) can hitch a ride :).

well where do you even have the code that says to load the menu after the splat mc plays?

i can’t just say play the next scene?? well that was my problem i guess. i see no one’s in a hurry for free web acombidations…