Whoop a de do daa day

After approx 19 straight hours of bugging my father for MX he has finally caved in :slight_smile:

Just one question though…

If I want to create a movie in Flash MX with one of the new components (e.g. Text scroller) will visitors to my website be able to view the site if they have Flash Player 5 or possibly 4?

If not automatically is there anyway to allow them to?

Hey johnrichardandrew,
I don’t think they will work. I tried a simple textfield with the scroller component, and I received an error message when exporting to the Flash 5 SWF format. Even though the scrollbar is nothing more than a ‘smart’ movie clip, it contains a lot of code that Flash 5 simply does not recognize.

Yeah… for now I’d say either make it using Flash 5.0 methods, or tell visitors that they have to have Flash player 6.0.

Okay, I understand now. Bit of a downer but I am sure the pros will out weigh the cons in the new software. Anybody know of a good Flash 5 tutorial for text scrollers and alike?