Who's the best host?

so my company is looking to switch hosting companies, and they asked me which one i prefer. since most of my freelance projects are for smaller companies i have always used http://www.hostmonster.com/
but, in all honesty im just a user interface developer not a server guy. so i would like to hear from some of the more server/hosting savvy folks as to what you thing the best hosting company would be.
Were a mid size company (around 60 employees)
We host 2 steady sites that together reach around 1,000+ visits a day (not sure of actual bandwidth)
and we usually have 3-5 test sites hosted for our clients.
MUST HAVE: Perl, PHP>=4, MYSQL, Ruby, Secure Sockets, Python>=2.4, and of course massive amounts of e-mail accounts, and database tables. (may also need some other stuff that im not aware of).

i really appreciate any suggestions :smiley: