Web hosting

hi everyone…

does anyone have any recommendations on a good webhosting company?
i’m totally new at this… so one that is “nice” to newbees would be preferrable if there is such a thing.,.


It really all depends on what you are looking for in a host, and on what kind of site you are doing.

If you are doing a major site, you will need a big hosting package. And if you are doing a small personal site you wouldn’t need a very big hosting package.

Each company has different standards.

Kirupa hosts this forum on www.racknine.com, they sounds pretty good, you might want to check out some of their packages.

well its just for a socail club on campus at my colege… it shouldnt be much… just a few pages…and a forum… i dunno…

but thanks…
any more suggestions!!?!?

yet another question…

what is …
telnet/shell access
SSH access??


Telnet is a command code. It is used in networking. If you use Windows XP you can use the command prompt (Start/Run/command) to access Telnet and check the status of your server.

You can also use Telnet to check which version of Perl or PHP you have installed on your server.

As for SSH access, I have no clue.

i guess a better question is… since i dont understand the terminology… what are these things used for… and do i REALLY need it?


You only really need it if you don’t want to contact your tech support to find out what is on your server and whether or not you can support certain things like PHP scripts or MySQL(databases used for things like this forum, etc.)

I know I am really bad at explaining things, but I hope this helps.

i bought my domain from them and am about to switch to the hosting, i like them alot.

another terminology question…

what is bandwidth??


bandwith is the amount of vistiers that it can take, not to be technical. I cant really explain it though.

Bandwidth is the amount of data traveling through a line. Certain hosting services only allow a certain amount of bandwith, this means they only allow a certain amount of data to go from your site to the viewers computer (like the downloading of images to display them, etc). If this limit is exceeded (due to too many viewers or you linking your files from a different location), your site will be temporary diabled. Sorta like a time out.

Exactly, i couldnt say it better myself. I time out on geocities all the time, i need a good paid server, i think i got one though. Registerfly.com, good stuff.