Who's the better rapper? tai mai shu? or eminem?

tai mai shu is probably THE best rapper out there. and he’s chinese :smiley:

hahaha - so true, so true :slight_smile:

I am for the most part a metal junky. But there is some great arse rap out there.

Dont discriminate tunes because of what genre it falls under. If you do that then you are missing out on some great stuff.

:a: [email protected] what’s wrong wit you people? Are Ahmed and Sureshot the only people that understand? I was trying to make a point in my post. Oh my god, mX, I would fck you up for saying that ignorant sht ever again…that is if I was ever near you. [email protected] You annoying piece of sh*t. It’s not about rap vs. rock…it’s about the way you made your post… Take a deep breath and count to 10

  • :sketchy: ROCK AND ROLL DUDES! :beer: