Why can't I set a dynamic text field equal to a variable?

I have a preloader. On one frame of the preloader is the code:

loadtext = i;
emptyMC = “holder”+i
allimages._visible = false;
allimages.createEmptyMovieClip(“holder”+i, i);

Everything works fine, but the dynamic textfield with the var name loadtext is blank. If i set loadtext = i+“loaded” then it just displays “loaded”. I know the variable “i” has a value since the rest of the preloader works. Anyone know whats wrong?

the code seems correct to me (at least if its flashmx).

perhaps it might be useful to post the swf

I should have mentioned. The preloader is a swf that is loaded into a blank mc in another movie. Does that matter?

maybe the font color is the same color as the background. if not, try tracing the variable and see what you get. I always find the trace function useful for debugging.

Woops! The font I was using doesnt have numbers in its set.