Why do I have to activate the menu (with a click)

Sometimes when im on my site I have to click on the menu once before it starts to work and at some other peoples computers when im on IE the whole flash file get inside a frame and when I hold over it, it says activate flash. Is it because I use wmode? I have to use wmode because I have lightbox (a javascript) so if I dont use wmode the flash will show over it.
If you dont know what lightbox is you can click here to see an example.

any idea how to fix this?

Nvm found out how to fix it, stupid me didnt use google :glasses:

[quote=anif;1983233]These will solve your problem


I used another script but its probably based on the same code, it looks like this:

objects = document.getElementsByTagName("object");
for (var i = 0; i < objects.length; i++)
    objects*.outerHTML = objects*.outerHTML;

anyways I still got a litte problem but its not in IE and it doesnt show the “click here to activate” text. But sometimes when im in mozilla the menu doesnt work when I hold over it until I click on it once… Does anyone know why that is?