Why doesn't preloader stop movie?

I’m pulling my hair out on this one.

Here’s the fla if you can help:


The movie has a preloader in frame 1 but the movie just plays through ignoring the conditions of the preloader.


<cursing his flash ignorance>

I was unable to download the fla but do you have a stop command in the first frame at the beginning of the code??

(If you right click and “save target as” and choose “all files” instead of html files and change the “.html” extension to “.fla” it will work.)

I tried it both with and without a stop. I’m assuming there usually should be one in the parent movie?

If I do the movie with a stop in the first frame of the parent movie, the PRELOADER just sits at frame one and nothing happens.


Can anyone help, please?

Sorry man I was asking a friend here and got side tracked. I am still trying to get it, that preloader is weird to me it seems to be loading itself. BUt I am no expert you will get an answer before I get one. DId you use a component??? Because I know of a better one.

No, it’s a strange preloader, I know, but I can’t see why it would interfere with anything. I made it up because some of the regular scripts I was trying (like _framesloaded == _totalframes) wasn’t working for some reason.

I’m open to any suggestions if you don’t like the way it’s programmed.

I just want to show my client how long this is taking to load (which is why I wanted a preloader WITH a loading bar).

Thanks VERY much for your help!!! I’ll be looking forward to your answer.


This preloader I use for these situations where you just wanna a quick loader.


Also there is a very good tutorial here on the board

Somtimes Flash ignores the first frame of a timeline.
Try moving your as to frame 2…

By general rule, dont put any AS in the first frame of any timeline.

Let me know if it helped.


Thanks folks.

I can’t use a preloader component though because the client wants this for Flash 5 as well.

Valor, there is no AS in frame 1 of the movie nor the preloader movie.


Can anyone figure out why this file is doing this???


  1. The link in the first post doesn’t work, I get a page full of Gibberish.

  2. The preloader component sucks anyway

  3. From the gibberish I could make out that you are using the _framesloaded method of preloading. I don’t like this method of preloading.

There are at least 3 preloader tutorials on this site along you can use (Disreguarding the preloader component tutorial), all with better methods than the _framesloaded method.