Component Preloader problem!

Hi its my first time posting and im kind of new with flash, i tried to use the preloader component that can be found at for an entirely flash site i have. The problem is that when i load a movie its doesnt show the preloader immediately but it shows it when it is almost completely loaded so it does not fulfill its function does it? I tried putting another preloader (one that is not a component) and still it took a while to load and started at the end. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? If you want to view the site its [url=“”] maybe youll be able to help me. Anyway thanks to all!

What is looks like is since the site is smaller in file size that its not taking a long time to load at all. Which is a good think. It looked like it was working to me. If you had music or a video file embeded you would see that it would show more of the loading process but since you have a graphic and a few buttons its not a lot to load.

…the site looks nice by the way.

Sorry to write back but one suggestion. When my mouse goes over the buttons my curser is hiding the text…you might want to consider moving the text to the top of the star instead…but that is just one opinion, the site looks really nice though.

Yeah i have seen that happens =P ill try to correct it thx for your comments did it really work nicely?? Maybe it doesn’t take much to load because of your connection but i am pretty sure it doesnt work =( not even when i preview it on flash the preloader works but if you say it is not that much of a problem i’ll beleive you haha :wink: thx anyway visit anytime you want thats my bands group cya

How did you make the preloader? Does the movie have more than once scenes?

Export in First Frame makes content load before the preloader.
If you have more than one scenes and u load the content from the library using linkage id Uncheck Export in first frame, add a scene between scene 1 and 2 then dump all the library items you unchecked into the new scene. Skip the new scene when your movie plays by adding a gotoAndPlay(“Scene”, “frame”) action to the last frame of scene 1.

Your dump scene must be before the scene which you attach the content. This also works for components and their library symbols.

if you upload the files i shall correct it for you. :sigh:

The movie does not contain more than one scenes it contains only one scene. How can i make the preloader load first? i didnt really understand what to do because everything i have got in flash has unchecked the export in first frame. So i dont know what am i doing wrong. The files are a bit too large for me to upload them here so how else could you help me? please! i am desperate i have been trying to solve this problem for days. Well anyway thanks ill keep on trying please contact me if you want to help me. thanks


hi Abhilashkk, so i order to correct the preloader being stalled all i have to do is to create an extra scene and throw all my library items into that seen. and just skip that scene and got to my original scene right.