Why Doesnt This Work!

Hello I am getting annyoed by this but i think it is right

[AS]_root.symbol 1.gotoAndPlay(1);[/AS]

It seems to think that is wrong for playing a bit out of a movie clip

DOes anyone no y>?:flower:

I don’t know about that space … safer to use symbol1 instead of symbol 1. Are you sure you gave the correct instance name ? Spaces are evil. Are you sure it’s on _root too ?

oops the root was wrong it should have been


thx for your help

Voetsjoeba btw is there a tutorial for your aniamtion u did to your pic?

:egg: :egg:

check out dynamic masking

There sure is: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/fadegrid.htm :slight_smile:

im so lost in how to make the circles go from down to up instead of going left to right.

Tutorail: Creating Continuous Movement


Specifically i’d like to know the actionscript code.

Need help------>Pro flash newb lol