Why is the server slow?

i am finiding some dificulties in oppening some threads. it takes a lot of time in oppening them does any body know why? maybe it is my computer but i dont think so. is any body facing the same problem?

not me, what kind of connection are you running off of?

nope. everything is running fast for me.

what threads do you have difficulties opening? they all run pretty fine for me…

i am runnig cable
it takes a lot of time to open all the threads.
so it must be my computer

I guess so.

I only have trouble sometimes.

The ODD thread wont open up really quickly but it’s like my Browser has frozen. If I leave it for like 10 seconds though it works just fine.

Like I said though - it’s only once in a while. This is the fastes board I post on… it’s great!

Thanks to mediatemple (hope they are reading this) =)

are there people from media temple who post and/or read the forums?

hehe spies from the inside :wink: !

I don’t think so - they are all usually quite busy with their business that I doubt they’ll be checking up on their client sites often.