Why isn't this script working?

I originally posted this message in the “random” forum on accident. I couldn’t figure out how to delete it, so here it is again…

I am trying to accomplish a very simple task. I have 8 swf’s that I want to load in a random manner whenever somebody visits my page or refreshes their broswer. Originally, I used the random movie script provided by Kirupa, saved it in Flash MX, and the thing worked beautifully to display the 4 swf’s I had. Now I have 4 more, so I need to create another movie to randomly display 8 instead of 4 movies. I tried to do this in Flash MX 2004, and for some reason the thing is not working now. All the paths and filenames are correct, and upon uploading and playing the random movie, nothing except a white screen comes up. According to flash my syntax is correct. Can anybody see something with my script that is causing a problem? I’m really starting to lose hair over this:

[COLOR=Red]filename = [“mov1.swf”, “mov2.swf”, “mov3.swf”, “mov4.swf”, “mov5.swf”, “mov6.swf”, “mov7.swf”, “mov8.swf”];
path = “http://www.myUrl.net/Misc Files/introflashmovs/”;
i = filename.length;
k = Math.floor(Math.random()*i);
loadMovie(path+filename[k], movieTarget);
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.[/COLOR]