Why so large?

i have a photo album i made. its a preloader (xtremely small), and 11 pictures. They are all 72 Dpi 320x240 pixel JPG’s in pretty low compression (I.E higher file size).

i imported them, and made them into symbols from start.

it seems there is no difference if the JPG quality slider is on 100 or 20 it’s still 2,6 Mb.

Is this because i made them into symbols before i compressed them, and the JPG slider does not affect a symbol??


So what you are basically saying (yes, i am a dum-dum) is:

1 - make picture as small as possible in external program

2 - import it into movie and F8 it’s butt?

Bingo :stuck_out_tongue:

pom :asian:

See… you know what your talking about…so stop spamming…haha, I am just kidding:P Don’t you love it when you answer your own questions and get them right! I think its the best feeling in the world (ok, not the best, but it’s pretty good).