Why the Daily Show kicks butt

yesterday, one of the stories that they had on the daily show was about the Economic Recovery Tour… supposedly, three members of the Bush administration are going around the country on a speaking tour.

One of the members is Secretary Elaine Chao… the guy who was reporting said: “Elaine Chao is the sexiest! She’s definitely creating a rise in my private sector”


Man, I’ve posted a lot today.

Yea I look at the dayshow… weekly. on sundays. That guy is sooo lame that he is funny…

John Stewart is my forking hero.

He is the funniest man alive. He makes thing funny that aren’t. If the audience doesn’t laugh, he will stare at them until they do. It’s great :slight_smile:

the Daily Show Rocks! I love how they refer to the Iraq war as, ‘Mess-o-potamia’ In fact, all comedy central shows are pretty funny…

californias armpit? are you in bakersfield majeye ? :wink: Thats what one of my friends who lives there calls it.