Why wont effects work on MX?

for some reason on Flash MX, effects wont work… i make a motion tween, but the effect box is gray and i cant use it… why isnt it working?

You must be doing something wrong, because motion tween is the one thing that I can get to work on MX…

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Yes FireDrake101,
Similar to Pom, motion tweens are the few things I can safely say works without a problem in MX. All of my old ActionScript filled animations such as the one stuck on the home page don’t even preview correctly in MX. Quite sad considering that Flash 5 viewed all Flash 4 animations perfectly.

MX’s ActionScript panel is a horrible! I’ve been forcing myself to get used to it, and even after the “scientific 15th try” I still have a stronge urge to burn effigies of the actionscript window near a tree outside!


the effects box in the tween panel is used for sound effects. If you dont have sound attached, the button will remain gray. Under this button you’ll find stuff like fade in, fade out, left channel, etc…

Hope that helps.

Yes… the only trick in MX is that most of the information which was located in the various panels is now located in the “Properties” panel. Check there for effects such as “color”, and “alpha” and such.

As for the a/s panel, I’m with you there Kirupa… I think that we will end up finding that it is better in the end, but learning it’s new layout is driving me nutz too.

I don’t think we will. I can’t even write those darn {} now !! And they have really changed the place where we could find functions. Why oh why ??? It’s taking me half an hour to find onClipEvent…
And burn effigies of the actionscript window near a tree ? That sounds like fun, Kir !

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First of i would like to say that i was happy to know that Flash MX came out i had to w8 a while before i could download it but finally it was there …
But know that i’ve worked with it for a while… i hate it!
U cant preview most of the things good and actionscript is so f*cked up with flash 5 it was good cause u could see everything but in flash mx its a @#%$ jungle its all together and its very hard to see things …

So i would just like to say to MACROMEDIA and every1 who helped design Flash MX : BITE ME :’(

P.S i can go on about the flaws and complaints that i have about Flash MX but … i do think that flash MX has it good sides so now i have to go and discover them :wink:

I’m Crossing as many fingers as I can. I mean there has to be advantages somewhere. And don’t even say the word component to me, I don’t want to hear about it…
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I think that you’re just not used to it. Since I’ve spent most of my time writing code by hand in the “expert” mode anyway, the fact that they changed the quicklinks is hardly a burden. In addition, now they have auto fill ins for certain things like the Math functions… I’m beginning to like it, believe it or not

i still cant find the effects thingy! i dont see it in the properties panel… WHERE IS IT!.. (i hope as soon as my trial expires, flash 5 will come back :frowning: )

you have to add sound to that layer… click where the sound is, and you’ll see the effects come up.


i just realised i made a really stupid mistake. :slight_smile: well i figured it out now :smiley:

What is it ? Cause the effect doesn’t work for me either…
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It’s the sounds brotha…

add sound to your layer! click on frames with sound, look in effects panel. Effects will no longer be grayed out.

all i did was make a circle, made the motion tween, CLICKED THE CIRCLE ON FRAME 1, which then brought up the effects.