Why won't my preloader work?

Hi. This is my first effort at flash and I know that It’s not the most efficiently made movie but it works…almost.

For some reason the pre-loader won’t work.

I want it to display the loading screen until frame 139 of the main movie has loaded then go to a screen with a ‘go’ button on.

The movie works, the ‘go’ screen works but the preloader just won’t.

FLA file included.

…and enjoy the movie!

Here it is

Hey NobbyNobody,
Did you try this on the Net or did you preview the animation on your hard drive? If you previewed on your hard drive, press Ctrl + Enter in Flash. THen press Ctrl + Enter again. You will see the preloader the second time over. Check out my note on the following URL: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/preloader.asp

Kirupa :ninja:

I got someone else to try it on the net. then I tried it myself on the net. I know it doesn’t work because when the movie starts it all messed up because the bitmaps haven’t finished setting up.

It’s a simple preloader without a progress indicator but it won’t work!

Never mind.

I’ve fixed it.