Why wont my Scrollable Text Work

I followed the tuturial on this site for a scrollable newst text section step by step. Instead of putting it in a new movie i just did it in mine on a new layer and did exactly as it said. But it wont work, everytime i publish it , the scroll doesnt even have arrows on it, its just a bar. and the text doesnt even show up. I did it with the external notepad text . And it was in same directory.

Only thing i can think of is if i didnt add the script to the right key frame ? i put it on first one on that layer. So im not sure if thats right . Or if i need to add the script to the scroller itself which i also tried and it didnt work. Please can anyone help ???:frowning:

Post the code or the fla.

The scroller works ok now. The problem i have now is that i want different color text and maybe some graphics attached to a certain line in the text behind the words.

I was wondering if anyone knew where i could get info on this. When i Highlight certain words and change the colors they look fine in the fla on flash, but when i publish it , all the text turns to the same color and font size / style as the first word in the text box. Is there no way to be able to have one scroll for the whole text box but make some different colors ??? and maybe add links or something ? i would appreciate any help or direction on this . thanks

Maybe if you try rendering the text as HTML and using HTML tags to change the format of the specific text you want.

to render as html text it looks something like this…

myTextBox.html = true;
myTextBox.htmlText = "text";
// you can also use HTML tags with it, 
//it only works with dynamic text or text 
//that is loaded through AS, statically typed
//in text will not format the tags

I didn’t test this, but it should work.

I will go try this, but im not exactly sure where you want me to put that code. I think there is an option to render text as html through the menu’s somewhere… Ill see how it goes