Why would a game run slow for one user but fast for another on same computer?

Hi All,

I’m working on a game that aims to teach kids stuff about microbes, hygiene and antibiotics.

I had a test in a school last week and the game was running too slow to play. Each pupil was logged in as themselves on a school laptop. All laptops had the same specs.

I know the game has performance issues but this was so slow it was painful. The game was fully downloaded so it wasn’t bandwidth issues.

Randomly it started going faster on one pupil’s (let’s call him Bob) machine.

Bob’s machine is the same as the others and he didn’t know why it was now going fast.

Another pupil logged out of his machine and logged back in as Bob’s. It now ran super fast on this machine too.

Every pupil in the class had their own log in which ran slowly but when logged in as Bob, the exact same computer (and same IE version and Flash player version (9.0.26)) was now running fast.

Has anyone got the faintest idea what’s going on here?